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I've been very short on sleep this weekend because a certain young sir is going short on sleep. So tonight, night four of waking up every 90 minutes, I'm complaining under my breath about why won't he just stay asleep? !? He's been such a good sleeper until now. Except for teething, but teething hurts. Anyway, he should know how to sleep. For crissakes, he's 8 months ol-oooooooohhh!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Dreaded 8 Month Sleep Regression is arrive-ed. We who are about to (wish we could just) die salute you!

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I have a wool sweater I want to make into a laptop bag. So, do I cut it apart, use yarn to sew the pieces together, and then felt it, or do I felt first, then sew?

The downside of felting last is that there's no way to 100% guarantee the finished size. It might not be a laptop bag. But stitching with wool yarn and then felting means it will meld together and be pretty darn untearable.

The downside of felting first is having to sew felt.

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Sitting in my driveway, blasting "Rejoice greatly" from The Messiah at obnoxious teenager volume.

It's Philip's Fast, bitches! This is how I roll! STAND when the Hallelujah Chorus plays!!

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Apparently there are a million versions of this "Who Started YOUR Church" info graphic going around where Roman Catholics draw a straight line from Jesus to the modern Roman Church, with all other sects being branches. Some even flat out say that all Christians were Catholic until Martin Luther.

No. Sit down and be quiet.

Aside from the fact that nobody's mentioning my main Protestant man Zwingli (fist bump to Huldrych), um, hellloooo, anyone heard of the Orthodox Churches? The filioque? The Great Schism of 1054?

I get it. The Romans are loud and proud because the current Pope comes across all likeable, but get the effing history right. From a theological standpoint, the Orthodox Churches have the most direct line from the Antiochene Christians described in Acts. The Catholics split in 1054 when they diverged from the neo-Platonic worldview by changing the Nicene Creed to say that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son.

I'm not touching the issue of legitimacy. But if one is going to make an historical argument, one should make sure it's not complete crap.

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I really and truly meant to go to bed early tonight. But there were copious amounts of laundry, and then I wanted a hot bath.

And now it's 11, and I'm all melancholy. Staying up too late makes me mopey and sad.

And tired. That too.

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Do you know where your copy of A Night in the Lonesome October is??

'Cause I sure as hell don't. *humph*

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I'm having a difficult time taking the Missy Master regeneration as seriously as I should because she looks so darn much like my mother in law, just built along slighter lines. The makeup is spot on, with the prune purple eyeshadow and the red red lipstick.

I did appreciate the Mary Poppins get up. Nice nod to tumblr fan theories there.

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I just purchased a set of Elizabethan stays on etsy.

You know how the suggestion page when one logs in is generally pretty awful? Well, the other day it gave me a set of stays made from the Hunisett pattern, and the measurements of the stays when laid flat were exactly three inches smaller than my current bust and hip measurements. Which is perfect. Perfectly perfect.

And they're covered in rust, green, and gold brocade, and with shipping the total was 43 dollars.

Reader, I folded like a flimsy card table. I'm both ashamed and elated.

Bad news

Sep. 26th, 2015 04:11 pm
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Alec just cut a tooth. Despite many discussions about the fact that he is not allowed to grow up. He needs to stay a little baby with a gummy turtle smile.


Sep. 26th, 2015 03:47 pm
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Happy happy birthday to [ profile] lavenderfieldss!! Just in case I don't run into you out and about this weekend.

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Lining is almost always a huge effing problem in my experience. Robs' coat is no exception. It's annoying the ever loving heck out of me.

***New Friends - I'm not normally all sewing all the time. After this Saturday I promise to talk about other topics!

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Making this Cossack opashen is like cooking Indian food. It's exhilarating, and a little scary, and even if it's a total flop I'll be glad to have gone through the process.

I am going completely and utterly pattern less for the first time ever. No looking up pdfs online or anything. I have a few decent photos of man-sized examples, and I am making one for a 3 yo based on those and my gut. Bruce is referring to it as "some hippy dippy do what feels right sewing".

So far I did a muslin mockup, made Robby sing "5 Little Monkeys" while I pinned it up on him, cut the red linen, and cut the blue faux silk lining for everything save the sleeves. I wanted to use that so blue it hurts color, but apparently that shade is only available in actual real silk, and, again, this is for a 3 yo. I got a close approximation in synthetic, and I love the tomato-colored linen.

I plan on working on this until I crash, Alec wakes up, or school lets out. Robs is out with Bruce this afternoon, so that's one less thing to juggle.

Skirt math

Sep. 12th, 2015 08:17 pm
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Katrina ' s German renn gown is going to be blue linen with two yellow linen bands on the skirt. I am NOT applique - ing the bands, the skirt is over 100 inches in circumference.

So, for a 29 inch length skirt I need: (asterisked lines will contribute to finished length)

1 inch blue for turning under
*17 inches blue field
1/2 inch blue seam allowance
1/2 inch yellow seam allowance
*2 inches yellow band
1/2 inch yellow seam allowance
1/2 inch blue seam allowance
*2 inches blue band
1/2 inch blue seam allowance
1/2 inch yellow seam allowance
*4 inches yellow band
1/2 inch yellow seam allowance
1/2 inch blue seam allowance
*4 inches blue band
3 inches hem allowance

I've learned to write these things down in excruciating detail, or I screw it up. I really don't like rotary cutting.

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Just busy, with it being the most wonderful time of the year.

Lots of exciting things happening this fall, with everyone starting new chapters in schooling (Kat in first grade and Robs in preschool), Bruce presenting on the uses of light therapy for in-patient treatment of depressive symptoms at the APNA national conference, Ukrainian dance recital in October for me and Kat, and lots and lots of sewing for Renn Faire season.

I also got the last box of Tim Tams at Costco yesterday. I had to fight the urge to yell "suck it, bitches!" and bolt for the door. But they might have taken my cookies away if I was disruptive.

We have half a new deck out back today, second half to be completed Monday, and about time.

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The remake of Poldark starts this week. I'm refusing to watch, even though it stars [ profile] mmegaera's boyfriend.

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I love Bruce, but he really really really needs to go back to work tomorrow. Four days of unmitigated family togetherness has driven me out of my mind

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Holy shit, yunz guys...I'm going to have a baby in about two months!!

Why is this always such a surprise? I chug along being pregnant for 7 or 8 months, and then it's like reality smacks me upside the head. Pregnancy generally leads to a baby! As in a tiny human being separate from myself.

And we're not even going to talk about how that little person is supposed to arrive! I mean, really. How inelegant.

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Someone needs to put me in time out. Please.

I am feeling so burnt out lately. I'm not at my most energetic right now, and I am getting worn down with taking care of people. I'm moving from being tired fromtaking care of everyone to being tired oftaking care of everyone. And I don't want to get resentful or bitchy, but I'm not seeing much of a place to cut back.
The kids need me. Period. And Bruce needs me to do what I do so he can do what he does so we have money. And dad is physically unable to take care of himself. He has too much money to get care assistance,  and too little to pay out of pocket for assistance.

I may have to cut back on Jack. I really enjoy spending time with him, but it takes me 45 minutes one way to pick him up. Even if I drop him off in Ambridge to take the bus the rest of the way home, I still spend over two hours driving him each day he comes over. And he eats like a horse. Maybe one day a week will have to be enough. He helps out when he's here, but between 3 days a week with him, 3 days a week with dad, and church stuff on Sundays I can't catch a break.

If anyone has ideas I haven't thought of, I'm open to hearing them. I feel like my brain is shutting down. I left my Kindle on top of the car today. I also lost my boots last week and found them today in the bin with the Christmas wrapping paper.


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