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I am officially 13 days decaffeinated. Headaches are gone, and I don't feel any different otherwise than I did while drinking caffeine. So that's a win, I guess.

On Friday I got my knee aligned first thing, so then, of course, I headed straight to the gym to do lots and lots of squats while it was tracking properly. My best set was 24 ass to grass goblet squats with a 15lb. kettlebell. Yay me!

I am extremely sore and stiff still today, but the knees seem good. No swelling, no clicking. I'm going to lift again tomorrow, then go to Ukrainian dancing in the evening with Katrina.

Bruce forgot to take his BP meds and coumadin yesterday morning and made himself pretty sick. He really drives me crazy with this shit. I managed to never forget a pill in 12 years of hormonal birth control, and he can't manage to remember to take medicines which are KEEPING HIM ALIVE. He has an alarm on his phone and everything, and a nifty little waterproof pill container on his key chain. Plus, and this is the sticking point, he is not five.

I told him if he dies because he forgot to take his meds, I will kill him myself. Illogical, but heartfelt.

In less ragey news, I have decided life is too short to eat food that is not fabulous. And I have been cooking glorious meals the past few days. Thursday night we had roasted pork tenderloin crusted with herbes de Provence, roasted butternut squash, and creamy roasted Brussels sprouts. The Brussels sprouts recipe was from Pinterest, and it's amazing. I ended up using fat free evaporated milk instead of cream, because I didn't have time to run to the store, and it was so damn good I didn't miss the cream at all. Let me know if anyone wants the recipe. This might be my new favorite way to eat sprouts.

Everyone requested tenderloin again tonight, so we're having it with spaghetti squash ricotta casserole, cucumber salad with dill and vinegar, and roasted asparagus. I'm very excited.

Then tomorrow is a fast day, so I'm making Hake in red pepper sauce, with riced cauliflower, and I don't know what else. Suggestions welcome.

What would you all recommend for a glorious dinner? I'm all excited about menu planning now.
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We are back home from Pittsburgh. I only got about half of what I wanted to accomplished, which is not really that surprising since my mother only watched the kids for half the time she promised she would. Dad was amazed by the amount that was actually in the house, but isn't everyone always? And I forgot one of the cardinal rules of house clearing, which is to always order the bigger dumpster. 6 cubic yards wasn't cutting it.

I had a surprising conversation with Bruce on my way home. We were trying to synch up our schedules for the next few days, and I said that I would find a Red Cross BLS course online and get him signed up (blah bah work stuff blah). He said not to bother, I was plenty busy with the kids, and the house, and Christmas, and the car repairs, and I should concentrate on those things and he would take care of his things.

Dear reader, I nearly swallowed my tongue. I've gotten so used to being Bruce's secretary, scheduling department, and life coach...I don't remember the last time he didn't ask or expect me to take care of something like this for him.

THEN he said I should get the cleaners in sometime before Christmas. Apparently there was a dog-related incident when I was gone that needs some considerable scrubbing even after Bruce's attempts at cleanup, and I am instructed not to waste my time on it when I have more important things to do (!!!!).

So, flist, what do you think? Pod person or Christmas miracle? And, if pod person, should I care?

In completely unrelated news, I love watching Cloris Leachman. She is an amazing comedian.
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I have had a good day.

Tuesday night was not so good. I woke up about 2 am sick as a dog. Nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, aches, the whole deal. Thankfully Robbie slept until 5am, which saved me from having to nurse while actively being sick. I called Bruce at work around 330 to whine, but forgot to ask for Sprite and Lipton soup. So poor guy had to go out for drinks when he got home at 8am.

Anyway,spent the day being miserable, sweating, shivering, nursing, putting on Sesame Streets for Katrina, napping when they napped, and reading Georgette Heyer. I also watched Peggy Sue Got Married, because for some reason I always watch that when I get sick. Bruce, of course, got the option to pick up a shift and was gone again by 130pm.

I managed to sleep last night, and only had to nurse once overnight at 4am. Then at 7am I brought Robbie into bed to nurse and doze since Bruce had fallen asleep on the couch watching Netflix. Bruce, being wonderful, got Katrina up and dressed and etc. and I slept until 830! Then he took her to Wawa for special Daddy breakfast treat and I had more soup.

I was dithering about going to work out, and decided that since I actually felt fantastic it was stupid not to. I have no idea what the 24-hour magic flu was about, but it's gonzo. So I went to the Y and worked out outside today. We did 2.5 miles at the park with frequent stops for squats and pushups.

(I went back to the Y last Tuesday and managed to get in a free small-group training thing they run sometimes. My group is me and one other woman and Jason the trainer, who is kickass. We're meeting 3x a week: Tuesday in the pool, Thursday outside, and Saturday in the gym. So far I'm sore but uninjured, which with my joints is an achievement, and I'm down three pounds. Woo-hoo!)

Then I picked up the critters, nursed Robbie, and we were off. I hit Pier One and Target for Easter basket things for next year. Target has great stuff, all 70% off. I got bunny socks, seasonal chapsticks, stickers, egg dyeing kits, and other bits and bobs. Katrina also got a pair of little white gloves for 30 cents. She's been wearing socks on her hands pretending to be like CInderella, so this seemed like a cheap thrill. So she gets them on and I say something to the effect of "You have gloves like Cinderella now." And she says "No, mummy. Like Goblin King."

That's right. Ladies and gentlemen, my three year-old daughter wants to grow up to be David Bowie.

Then we came home, critters went down for nap, and I went into overdrive. Four loads of laundry, butter chicken for supper, put all the pewter Dad gave me on my trip home up in a display on the built-in shelves in the dining room, unpacked three bags of random stuff I found in the coat closet (no clue where it came from), took my shower, ran and unpacked the dishwasher, and cleaned the kitchen. Mom called at some point, and asked if I was on my pain meds, I sounded so hyped up.

Just when great day is going great, the doorbell rings. My mother-in-law has sent her yard guys to unearth the back yard!!! I am so excited! Bruce does his best, but his schedule is crazy and he really doesn't like yard work. So I have minions to do my bidding and get that mess cleaned up.

I actually had to wake both of the kids up from their naps, which is unusual, but par for the day. Then Kat and I had butter chicken and peas and rice fro supper, and strawberries for dessert, and she watched a Sesame Street and had a bath and went to bed. Then Bruce woke up, and I nursed Robbie down, and now Bruce and I are watching Top Gear and I am, wonder of wonders, updating my lj.

sigh. Very good day. I would like to order the same for tomorrow.
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So, Bruce is holding Baby and having deep conversation of the "Who's my baby? That's right! You're the baby!" variety, with lots of kisses. He then, in a case of epic wish-fulfillment, interprets his 6 week-old daughter making fishy lips as her trying to give kisses back.

The rest I remember in slow-mo, like a bad horror film. His face gets closer and closer to hers, all the while saying "Who gives kisses? Does the baby give kisses?" Suddenly she gets this crazy light in her eyes that I know all too well, and latches on to his nose.


It got even better when he tried to pull her off and couldn't because of Baby Super-Latch (tm). I had to break the suction and get her off for him. Baby was, needless to say, very confused.

And I was irresistably reminded of the neighbor kid when I was about ten who got a garter snake clamped to his nose in much the same way. At least we didn't need to cut the baby in half with a pair of pliers to get her off.
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Oh the joys of naming babies.

So no joy on boy's names. He wants RBKIII, and I want Robert John or Robert Nicholas.

We do have two front-runners for girls that we both like: Elena Elizabeth and Christina Elizabeth. I like Elena best, but Christina isn't bad. It reminds me of the girl from Flambards, and she had a lot to recommend her.


Jul. 4th, 2008 09:46 am
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Happy week all around!

Tuesday I woke up feeling really good. Like normal human being, not sick crazy pregnant woman good. So, naturally, I panic. Last time I started feeling really good at the beginning of the second trimester it was because the baby died. So I call the doctor, call Bruce's mother (I'm still carless and can't even call Bruce at work) and then sit around waiting for my 245 appointment.

Anyway, super Nurse Practitioner Jennifer, who is a sweetie, comes in basically saying "no time for small talk, we need to look at this baby". Ultrasound shows what is recognizably a human baby with a great heartbeat! Then, apparently annoyed by the pressure from the ultrasound, baby starts jumping, kicking, and waving. We spent almost five minutes just watching it bounce around.

I'm very glad Bruce's mom got to see her grandbaby. She's been very anxious this time miscarriage last winter brought back a lot of awful memories for her about her miscarriages and baby Josiah, who died of SIDS before Bruce was born. We bonded, and it was really nice. The best part is that I don't feel anxious any more. I actually feel like this is really going to happen. The baby's placenta is on-line and doing what it's supposed to do, which is what the issue seems to have been last time. Plus the fact that I don't feel horrible all the time. Still a bit nauseated off and on, and lightheaded, but it's not like the perma-flu feeling of the past two months.

Then Wednesday was our 3rd wedding anniverary and Bruce actually had the day off. So we went to Bravo for lunch, where we just happened to run into his mother, aunt, and Mumsie. Bruce hadn't even known his grandmother was alread moved up from Georgia. So it was a very nice time. Then we played in the Honeytree, which is a very fancy children's clothing store next to the restaurant. Bruce is so convinced the baby is a girl that he bought a little bathing suit for her. It's light blue with yellow polkadots, and a little ruffle around the bottom. Appliqued on the front is a big yellow ducky with a pink butterfly on its nose. There's also a little pink butterfly on the ruffle on the back. It's the cutest thing ever, and now the baby's almost sure to be a boy.   ;-)

After the ducky suit, Bruce wanted to go out to Chesapeake and take a look at the Babies'r'Us store. (Apparently I'm not the only one who now feels it's safe to get excited.) I was amazed at his capacity for stroller shopping. I ended up buying a protein bar and taking a nap in a rocking chair.

Just a nice few days in general. Yay!

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Finally got my pictures uploaded! Yay! Take that AT& tried to thwart me, but I perservered!

This is a picture of the whole sampler. I stitched it on 28-count Autumn Blush Cashel linen, which is a gorgeous mottled sort of fabric, shading from warm cream to a rosy pale brown-pink.  Threads were mostly cottons by Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Art Sampler Threads, with verigated silks by Gloriana.

I honestly think this is the nicest thing I've ever stitched. Quite proud of myself. This was intented to be a New England sampler, Connecticut specifically I think, but with very few changes it works nicely for Virginia.

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 By "we" I mean Bruce, I am gainfully unemployed still. Which is not a bad thing...I'm happy and he's well-fed and always has clean socks. There are worse ways to be.

But Bruce's new job starts tomorrow!  He is going to be working as an RN at a "skilled nursing rehabilitation facility". It sounds very impressive, I think.  I'm hopeful that this is going to be a good fit for him. It's only about five minutes away and the nursing manager really took a shine to him...much less stressful to work somewhere where the boss looks on your education level as an asset instead of a threat.


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