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Another Saturday, another dozen yard sales. Took Bruce and several bottles of water with me this time, to avoid a repeat of last week's dehydration and overextertion-induced contractions.

We cleaned up, again.  Bruce went absolutely insane at one sale where the woman had gotten a lot of baby clothes without knowing if it was a boy or a girl. So there was a lot of yellow and green, and a surfeit of baby duckies. We rummaged through 3 huge tupperware bins and picked out every...single...thing with a ducky on it. Onsies, fuzzy jumpsuits, even ducky booties. Hope hypothetical critter looks good in yellow...

I was going to pass on the baby audio set (is your fetus wired for sound?), but Bruce insisted. His rationale was that, since I'm so anxious, it will be good for me to have. You can't use it until about 5 months, but this way if I get worried or the baby doesn't move one day I can find the heartbeat and be reassured. It made me cry...I have the most thoughtful husband ever.

Of course I don't need any of the maternity clothes yet, but it's all washed a packed up for this summer. I refuse to buy any's really extortionate what they expect you to pay, and the indifferent quality. Between what I got today and what Erin has to send me from home, I should be pretty well set.
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I hit ten sales this morning between eight and twelve, including two church sales, which are gold. Then I got all the junk off the front porch (Bruce cleaned the car by moving crap from one place to another), put a coat of primer on the sewing room walls (goodbye hideous orange faux-wood panelling), and am now sorting through todays take.

The list is mostly so I can remember what I purchased for whom, though there is an element of gloating involved. I so kicked ass!

King's Grant:
20 wooden spools mercerized cotton
10 wooden spools silk thread (oh, the decadence!)
3 big scented candles
set sea shell wine charms - for Michelle bday

Thalia Presby Church:
Baby monitor (for $3! Yay!)
Large oval mirror, antique gold frame
2 small oval mirrors, antique gold frames
1 rectangular mirror, carved wood frame
pair pointsetta earrings - for Mom
Ngaio Marsh When in Rome pbk
Alison Weir Elizabeth I pbk - for Jenn
12 new quart-sized Mason jars with lids and rings

Lynn Shores (2 family)
baby photo album with pewter frame cover
baby photo album with blue and white cover
fireplace poker
fireplace shovel
pair brown mules for me
32" multi. floral embroidered tablecloth
2 matching napkins
5x7 picture frame
Five Little Pumpkins book

Baptist Church:
tea-sized cutwork tablecloth, pearl gray on ivory - Mrs. K Xmas
3 Irish linen tea towels (I plan on hemming the stripes off and using them for embroidery...the fabric is gorgeous)
long Indian print skirt in navy, beige and green - for me
mustard gold maternity sweater
2 casserole-sized tupperwares
tall tupperware
25 pant/skirt hangers

Witchduck Landing (I almost didn't go to this, because the neighborhood is a little iffy and it was out of the way, but I got all this for $10)
Christmas tree pin - Grandma
2 zipper comforter storage bags
4 zipper garment bags
2 1/3 yards cotton with a winter woodland print (deer, racoons, bunnies, snow, pine trees)
2 5x7 picture frames (about 2" wide dark walnut, cleaned up great)
James Patterson - Mary, Mary hc - for Audrey or me
James Patterson - London Bridges hc - ditto
new cat collar with bell (Hudson didn't like his present much)
3 doses cat flea/tick medicine
3 doses dog flea/tick medicine
bag pine-scented potpourri
4 spools colored giftwrap twine
2 heavy plastic drop cloths
12 packages wrapping paper
30 gift bags, christmas and birthday
Tupperware storage tote thingy with handle
Canvas Christmas "Peace on Earth" decoration

Grosse Pointe Blank DVD - Jack/Dad
Identity DVD - Jack/Dad

Grand Total: $66


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