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Where do you all keep your cat boxes?

We used to have Hudson's box in a little storage room with a babygate with a cat hatch cut in it to keep out dogs and toddlers. However, the humans in the house selfishly decided to renovate the room and turn it into a playroom for those awful children we insist on bringing home to take attention away from Hudson. so we need to relocate.

We don't have a basement, and there's no way to have it in the garage without escapage. He refuses to use a covered box, which limits options a bit. I'd appreciate and suggestions people have.

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Mr. Hudson, evil kitten extraordinaire, has reached new heights of protectiveness. Since the baby came his quality time has been drastically reduced, but he's taken it pretty well. No temper tantrums or peeing in inappropriate places or anything. But if there isn't a human baby on my lap, there is a kitten baby there, and sometimes (if I'm very lucky) I get to have both of them on my lap while I nurse.

This afternoon Baby was napping in her bassinet, and Hudson was sitting with me on the couch. We have a double parlor, so he could see out the picture window onto the front yard. While we were sitting, the mail truck stopped out front.

The cat growled. At the mail truck. Which was about 40 feet away and outside.

While I understand he doesn't like to share me, I don't think the mail truck was trying to take away his snuggles.


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