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Courtesy of [ profile] filkferengi, from whom I get all my best music recommendations. Two versions of "Gaudete, Christus est natus". Great 16th century song (first published in a book of Finnish and Swedish songs in 1582), with gorgeous harmonies.

I like the Steeleye Span one best, personally. There's no ritard or pause between verses and the harmonies sound richer than the Mediaeval Babes version (yay men singing). I also think it's a very interesting look at the performance...they obviously have a wonderful feel for what everyone else is doing, and I don't think anyone opens their eyes throughout the whole thing.

Avoid the comments on youtube...they devolve into people arguing about what is and is not "correct" Latin pronounciation. Because, there totally is such a thing as "correct Latin pronouciation". Ya know.
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Got this in an email today, and it just begs to be shared: it's Don McLean's "American Pie" as sund by Hamlet.  I think the choruses just get better as they go.

Shakespearean Pie

The link has both lyrics and the free audio file.

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I love Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau!

I do, I really do. And not just with my normal "yay baritones!" sort of love...he gives me chills.  I uncovered my CD of Schubert's Die Schoene Muellerin (no umlauts, must use extra eees) when I was trying to find something I desperately needed. Can't remember what it is now, of course. German song cycles are much more important. At least this one is.

I had forgotten what an amazing singer he is. Technically and stylistically.


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