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Katrina was three months yesterday! Details and pics... )x-posted to [ profile] breastfeeding 
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Sniffle. The house didn't pass the termite inspection. So now we're looking again. This whole house-hunting thing is very dispiriting, especially with so many people involved. My in-laws, who are genuinely wonderful people, keep sending us to look at houses that are nothing like I want.

The basic requirements we have decided on are:

1.) 4 bedrooms (we're trying to get Dad to move down, and we want a large family)
2.) Big eat-in kitchen
3.) Family room that can comfortably accomodate us, hypothetical children, actual Dad and all the critters
4.) Big yard for afore-mentioned critters

So running all over to look at houses with three bedrooms, no yard, and a galley kitchen is not a productive way to spend my evenings.

Plus I'm so tired lately. Falling asleep on the couch at eight o'clock, waking up only to go to bed, and sleeping until the alarm goes off at seven. And I've done that every day this week. Plus I'm all weepy, swollen, and having strange twinges. Starting to think that possibly hypothetical babies may be getting less hypothetical by the moment.

Or maybe I'm just stressed by new house/job/etc.

To be continued, I'm sure...

Deperate plea for info: Aside from taking a test, how does one start to tell?
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I'm having one of those days where everything just seems too overwhelming to even think about. Aside from the ongoing (and from my POV very protracted) waiting to hear if the offer we put on that house will be accepted, the preemptive "will the house pass inspection?" worries (why put off until tomorrow what you can worry about today), and the general family worries, I have put in my notice at work.

Yep. Two and a half months of sitting at a desk has taken its toll. I am not not allowed in the house after work unless I've stopped to work out on the way home, hubbykins' attitude being something to the effect of "don't come back until you're tired". I've tried to pretend I care about corporate signage, but I am bored senseless, even when there is work to do. So I am leaving.

I am leaving to do something I've wanted to do for a long time: finish getting my training certifications and work as a personal trainer. But I'm a nervous wreck, now that the decision is made. I have a position lined up, but I still feel absolutely sick with uncertainty.

Sigh. I need a hug.


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