Oct. 14th, 2011 02:56 pm
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The proofs are up from the session I took last week with mom and Katrina. If anyone's interested, go to  and type nicola for the session ID.

Ritchie does amazing work, especially with a fidgety 2 y.o. The proofs aren't touched up or anything, so puffy pregnant face is pretty darn puffy, but mom and kat look beautiful!
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Catching up on baby pictures, one month at a time.

January 6. About two minutes old, and not a happy camper. Born at 5:11pm, 7lbs., 3oz. and 19 1/2 inches.

A little later, washed and giftwrapped.

January 11. Finally at home. Notice how nicely the jaundiced complexion coordinates with the yellow bunny rabbit outfit ;-)

January 13. Kitkat and me, both very tired.

Looking at thesenow, it's amazing how different she is. She's just more interesting every day, and I'm enjoying her a lot more now that she interacts and responds so much. It also helps that she's sleeping more than 2 hours at a time! I do miss those tiny, skinny little newborn hands, though. They pudged out awfully quick.
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Finally got my pictures uploaded! Yay! Take that AT& tried to thwart me, but I perservered!

This is a picture of the whole sampler. I stitched it on 28-count Autumn Blush Cashel linen, which is a gorgeous mottled sort of fabric, shading from warm cream to a rosy pale brown-pink.  Threads were mostly cottons by Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Art Sampler Threads, with verigated silks by Gloriana.

I honestly think this is the nicest thing I've ever stitched. Quite proud of myself. This was intented to be a New England sampler, Connecticut specifically I think, but with very few changes it works nicely for Virginia.


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