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We have a mortgage.

More accurately, I got us a mortgage approved.

I would not relive these past three days for anything. The whole process seems designed to keep the customer completely confused and depending on whatever the agent says. Then they try to keep you from talking to anyone else with these dire warnings about the effects of "mortgage shopping", which is complete crap. Credit checks for mortgages don't negatively impact your credit score as long as they are all within 30 days

It's also interesting how not returning calls can magically cause your interest rate to improve. Don't answer the phones for 18 hours and miss I-cant-possibly-go-below-4.5 suddenly offers 4.25.

We should be getting the papers today, and then we are set.

So glad to be done with that shit.

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We are back home from Pittsburgh. I only got about half of what I wanted to accomplished, which is not really that surprising since my mother only watched the kids for half the time she promised she would. Dad was amazed by the amount that was actually in the house, but isn't everyone always? And I forgot one of the cardinal rules of house clearing, which is to always order the bigger dumpster. 6 cubic yards wasn't cutting it.

I had a surprising conversation with Bruce on my way home. We were trying to synch up our schedules for the next few days, and I said that I would find a Red Cross BLS course online and get him signed up (blah bah work stuff blah). He said not to bother, I was plenty busy with the kids, and the house, and Christmas, and the car repairs, and I should concentrate on those things and he would take care of his things.

Dear reader, I nearly swallowed my tongue. I've gotten so used to being Bruce's secretary, scheduling department, and life coach...I don't remember the last time he didn't ask or expect me to take care of something like this for him.

THEN he said I should get the cleaners in sometime before Christmas. Apparently there was a dog-related incident when I was gone that needs some considerable scrubbing even after Bruce's attempts at cleanup, and I am instructed not to waste my time on it when I have more important things to do (!!!!).

So, flist, what do you think? Pod person or Christmas miracle? And, if pod person, should I care?

In completely unrelated news, I love watching Cloris Leachman. She is an amazing comedian.
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Woo-hoo! Kitkat and I are leaving Thursday morning for two weeks in Pittsburgh. We'll be there for Easter with ma, and will have time so dad can meet his grandpuppy. He's been driving up to Ebensburg every week to look after Gran, so he hasn't had a chance to come down to VA Beach. I'm renting a car, so we'll definitely be going up to see her as well.

I need to check and see if raw eggs count as liquids or what have you for the purpose of flying, because I'd really like to take some pysanky for Gran and Uncle Jim. I don't think anyone in the family's made them since Grandpa died in '86, and mine from the other year turned out really nice. I'll have to laquer them, I guess. One somehow got some wax or something on it and smeared. :-(

So behind on posting pictures. Still none of the baby (who is 3 months tomorrow), and I should put up some pysanky as well. I'm really very proud of them, especially because I can't draw for shit. My artistic abilities are all firmly fabric-based. Plus these are pretty sentimental, since I made them with the kistky Grandpa made, and his old spirit lamp.

Cranky baby needs no nap, apparently...but she sure wants mama right now.

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Went to a Roman Catholic Mass for the first time in two years today, as I am in Pittsburgh and my Byzantine Rite Catholic church is in Va Beach.  It seemed really short, but I was thrilled we got to sit down some. (Last year I wore new shoes to Easter, and had to stand in them for 3 hours straight.  It was like Super Lent, concentrated for your penetential pleasure.)

I missed organ music. There was some yummy Bach-ness that made my scalp tingle.  Though I have not missed 1970's choral church music.  That just makes the scalp crawl.

Otherwise, pretty lackluster experience. I hadn't thought about how much audience participation the Divine Liturgy has until I sat through a Mass again. I missed my chanting.

Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Christos voskres! Take your pick and have a great one!
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I'm not sure what it is about this particular used book store in Robinson, but I turn into some little goblin-creature whenever I'm there.  I scuttle around, clutching volumes to my chest, gibbering, squeaking, and going "mine mine mine" and, occasionally, giggling maniacally.

I am at a loss to recall any other place where I scuttle. But it gives great enjoyment to whoever has come with me, and I got some great prices on hardcovers to replace some paperbacks that are falling to shreds.

BTW - is or has someone recently started publishing past Hugo winners in hardcover?  I saw Memory and The Doomsbday Book in matching unfamiliar covers with 50th Anniversary of something or other logos on them.


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