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Where do you all keep your cat boxes?

We used to have Hudson's box in a little storage room with a babygate with a cat hatch cut in it to keep out dogs and toddlers. However, the humans in the house selfishly decided to renovate the room and turn it into a playroom for those awful children we insist on bringing home to take attention away from Hudson. so we need to relocate.

We don't have a basement, and there's no way to have it in the garage without escapage. He refuses to use a covered box, which limits options a bit. I'd appreciate and suggestions people have.

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I have nothing to read. The shelves and shelves (and boxes) of books nonwithstanding. I staunchly maintain I have nothing to read.

Virginia Beach, for all its myriad and horrible faults, has a great public library system. So I have access to books, and actually just finished Golding's To the Ends of the Earth books and Elizabeth Howard's 4 Cazalet books. But now I am out of inspiration.

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations. I tend to lean toward science fiction and historical fiction (except for Philippa Gregory, who writes trash at the expense of history and defamed Catherine of Aragon, one of the Great Classy Ladies of History), also mysteries, biographies, and pretty much anything else. I have catholic (small c) tastes.

Thanks very much in advance!


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