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Got the exercise ball out today! Decided I am officially too pregnant to sit on couches that are too deep for me. They make my back hurt and I flounder like a beached whale to get up. (The couches are wonderful for Bruce, who is 6'4", and they fold out into very comfortable double futons, so I don't mind, but even stuffing three throw pillows behind my back isn't helping any more.) So I'm sitting at the desk typing on my big pink exercise ball. The critter seems to like it; he's been very active since I sat here.

Filled up my whole recycle can today, and about half my neighbor's. I don't like using cardboard in the wood stoves; it makes a ton of ash and isn't really that great for kindling because it seems to suck up all the moisture in the air. I'd much rather recycle it, but geez oh man did we have a lot of it after Christmas. So glad to have the pile gone, though Mr. Hudson has been giving me evil looks for getting rid of his impromptu kitty castle.

Glencora looks completely normal now, though she is still reluctant to have me fuss with her mouth. And no more seizures, which is a huge relief. Thanks everyone who sent such nice thoughts our way.

Grand total of only 1 accident from Katrina yesterday, and so far none today. And today I haven't even prompted her to try; she's doing it all on her own. Woo-hoo! Though she does insist on bringing the potty into the den to use it, rather than going in the bathroom. Probably because the den is almost 70 degrees while the bathroom is about 52. We're making plans to go out with Melissa and the girls tomorrow to test drive this whole continence thing.
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Much better day today with potty training. I think something clicked somewhere, and I know I'm handling things in a Katrina-acceptable way now.

Instead of asking "do you have to go to the potty" (the answer is ALWAYS no), I've started asking if her undies are still dry. Then she gets a high five for keeping her big girl pants dry, but it still serves as a reminder. The other thing is, instead of insisting that she give it a try when I see the potty dance going on, to say "It looks like your body is trying to tell you you need to pee". Then it's not about me and what I want her to do. Small things, but it seems to make a difference.

Today she only had one accident, two attempts, and five successes. We actually left the house today too; once to go to the chiropractor (my hips were so off the baby flipped breech last night...thankfully he went vertex again after things were untwisted) and once to spend half and hour with the next door neighbors. I may actually get what passes for my life back in the next week!

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the parents I have ever known. At some point I have probably thought you were a bit weird to be so obssessed with your offsprings' elimination habits. I now understand. No matter how one goes about toilet training a child, at some time one will hit the point where for three days to a week pottying really is your first priority.


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