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Woo-hoo! Kitkat and I are leaving Thursday morning for two weeks in Pittsburgh. We'll be there for Easter with ma, and will have time so dad can meet his grandpuppy. He's been driving up to Ebensburg every week to look after Gran, so he hasn't had a chance to come down to VA Beach. I'm renting a car, so we'll definitely be going up to see her as well.

I need to check and see if raw eggs count as liquids or what have you for the purpose of flying, because I'd really like to take some pysanky for Gran and Uncle Jim. I don't think anyone in the family's made them since Grandpa died in '86, and mine from the other year turned out really nice. I'll have to laquer them, I guess. One somehow got some wax or something on it and smeared. :-(

So behind on posting pictures. Still none of the baby (who is 3 months tomorrow), and I should put up some pysanky as well. I'm really very proud of them, especially because I can't draw for shit. My artistic abilities are all firmly fabric-based. Plus these are pretty sentimental, since I made them with the kistky Grandpa made, and his old spirit lamp.

Cranky baby needs no nap, apparently...but she sure wants mama right now.

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I just canned a half-batch of pickled watermelon rind to see how I liked this particular recipe. I've had it before at the King's Arms in Williamsburg, and loved it. So excited to find a recipe that actually does get the spices right. (The secret is adding thin slices of lemon when you marinate.)

Need to be more picky about having all the pieces as close to the same size as possible...mine didn't all reach the translucent point at once when I was boiling. Also, it ended up very yellow instead of that pretty pale green color. Not that that's wrong or bad, but I like the green better.

The vinegar syrup is just perfect for pregnant tastebuds though!

I'm heading to Pittsburgh tomorrow, and will probably take one jar for Ma and one for Dad. She probably won't eat it, but at least I'll have made the effort.

Gods it's hot. Fricking southern Virginia.

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I am in the middle of a week-long visit to my aunt in Palm Springs, where it's warm and sunny and no one wants me to do laundry. The scenery is gorgeous, and the mountains look like they're about ten minutes away instead of two hours. We had really hard rain the other night, but otherwise we've missed the horrible weather the rest of the region is getting.  Right now I'm sitting out by the pool drinking tea and enjoying the sun (and low humidity!).

So far my cousin came down from San Fransisco for the weekend to see me, and yesterday my grandparents drove in from Yuma, Arizona to visit.  When I was little we saw them every day, and it's a big adjustment only seeing them twice a year, if I'm lucky.

sigh. Very comfy, very sleepy. Maybe I can convince hubbykins to bring the critters and move out here...


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