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As is probably obvious, I spend a lot of time at the YMCA. Today Katrina had gymnastics from 9 to 945 and then I had to take Robby in the pool for his swim lesson at 10.

The teenage girl who generally helps Mr. Mark with the gymnastics classes wasn't there today, so I volunteered to help out. I taught gym and dance while I was in high school, and a class of four year-olds is still well within my abilities. Long story short, it went well, Mark said I was a huge help, and Katrina even participated in the whole class rather than hiding in the corner saying she was shy. Then Mark asked if I would be interested in putting in an application to help teach classes or to work in the babysitting room.

So I did! One of the girls just put in her notice today for Saturday mornings, which would be just perfect for me. Weekdays are rough because Katrina needs picked up from school at 11:45. But if this works out, I would get to bring one or both of the kids with me as needed, get a significant reduction on our Y membership and get some money to take home. So fingers crossed. Since my employment options are limited by jobs that will let me bring a one-year-old along, it's this or nothing.

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 By "we" I mean Bruce, I am gainfully unemployed still. Which is not a bad thing...I'm happy and he's well-fed and always has clean socks. There are worse ways to be.

But Bruce's new job starts tomorrow!  He is going to be working as an RN at a "skilled nursing rehabilitation facility". It sounds very impressive, I think.  I'm hopeful that this is going to be a good fit for him. It's only about five minutes away and the nursing manager really took a shine to him...much less stressful to work somewhere where the boss looks on your education level as an asset instead of a threat.

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Having just found out that Virginia will allow someone to begin teaching school without a teacher's license, I am going full steam ahead for a job change and actual career. I've decided it's time and past to stop just "having a job". Plus, since I've started here at the gym, they have eliminated two positions, added all the tasks to my workload, and actually decreased bonus potential. So I am now doing three people's work for the price of .75.

So I am currently lining up references and filling out my application.  It's satisfying to trot out all those academic achievements that no one's cared to hear about for a while. The most difficult part is tracking down one of the former professors with whom I've stayed in touch. Everyone seems to be out of the country at the moment.

If any one has any hints to tips, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm signed up to take the Praxis I exam this Saturday, and am writing my letter of intent this evening and tomorrow.

Fingers crossed...
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I'm having one of those days where everything just seems too overwhelming to even think about. Aside from the ongoing (and from my POV very protracted) waiting to hear if the offer we put on that house will be accepted, the preemptive "will the house pass inspection?" worries (why put off until tomorrow what you can worry about today), and the general family worries, I have put in my notice at work.

Yep. Two and a half months of sitting at a desk has taken its toll. I am not not allowed in the house after work unless I've stopped to work out on the way home, hubbykins' attitude being something to the effect of "don't come back until you're tired". I've tried to pretend I care about corporate signage, but I am bored senseless, even when there is work to do. So I am leaving.

I am leaving to do something I've wanted to do for a long time: finish getting my training certifications and work as a personal trainer. But I'm a nervous wreck, now that the decision is made. I have a position lined up, but I still feel absolutely sick with uncertainty.

Sigh. I need a hug.


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