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I am officially 13 days decaffeinated. Headaches are gone, and I don't feel any different otherwise than I did while drinking caffeine. So that's a win, I guess.

On Friday I got my knee aligned first thing, so then, of course, I headed straight to the gym to do lots and lots of squats while it was tracking properly. My best set was 24 ass to grass goblet squats with a 15lb. kettlebell. Yay me!

I am extremely sore and stiff still today, but the knees seem good. No swelling, no clicking. I'm going to lift again tomorrow, then go to Ukrainian dancing in the evening with Katrina.

Bruce forgot to take his BP meds and coumadin yesterday morning and made himself pretty sick. He really drives me crazy with this shit. I managed to never forget a pill in 12 years of hormonal birth control, and he can't manage to remember to take medicines which are KEEPING HIM ALIVE. He has an alarm on his phone and everything, and a nifty little waterproof pill container on his key chain. Plus, and this is the sticking point, he is not five.

I told him if he dies because he forgot to take his meds, I will kill him myself. Illogical, but heartfelt.

In less ragey news, I have decided life is too short to eat food that is not fabulous. And I have been cooking glorious meals the past few days. Thursday night we had roasted pork tenderloin crusted with herbes de Provence, roasted butternut squash, and creamy roasted Brussels sprouts. The Brussels sprouts recipe was from Pinterest, and it's amazing. I ended up using fat free evaporated milk instead of cream, because I didn't have time to run to the store, and it was so damn good I didn't miss the cream at all. Let me know if anyone wants the recipe. This might be my new favorite way to eat sprouts.

Everyone requested tenderloin again tonight, so we're having it with spaghetti squash ricotta casserole, cucumber salad with dill and vinegar, and roasted asparagus. I'm very excited.

Then tomorrow is a fast day, so I'm making Hake in red pepper sauce, with riced cauliflower, and I don't know what else. Suggestions welcome.

What would you all recommend for a glorious dinner? I'm all excited about menu planning now.
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As is probably obvious, I spend a lot of time at the YMCA. Today Katrina had gymnastics from 9 to 945 and then I had to take Robby in the pool for his swim lesson at 10.

The teenage girl who generally helps Mr. Mark with the gymnastics classes wasn't there today, so I volunteered to help out. I taught gym and dance while I was in high school, and a class of four year-olds is still well within my abilities. Long story short, it went well, Mark said I was a huge help, and Katrina even participated in the whole class rather than hiding in the corner saying she was shy. Then Mark asked if I would be interested in putting in an application to help teach classes or to work in the babysitting room.

So I did! One of the girls just put in her notice today for Saturday mornings, which would be just perfect for me. Weekdays are rough because Katrina needs picked up from school at 11:45. But if this works out, I would get to bring one or both of the kids with me as needed, get a significant reduction on our Y membership and get some money to take home. So fingers crossed. Since my employment options are limited by jobs that will let me bring a one-year-old along, it's this or nothing.

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Courtesy of my beloved elder spawn, who says she is super proud of me today:

MOM-my, MOM-my, she lifts things UP!

Maybe once I hit 75% body weight I will get a second verse about putting things down.

Take that, Eye of the Tiger. :-P

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I just did three sets of 12 Romanian deadlifts with 95 pounds!

Plus chasing three CrossFit guys out of the cage. I have another set bitches, and I can out squat all of you.

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I know I mentioned somewhere that I'm lifting again. I'm using the protocol from New Rules of Lifting for Abs, because it meets my main criteria for a lifting program:

1. The words "for Women" are nowhere in the title and I'm not expected to use Barbie weights.
2. No one-muscle-group exercises (bicep curls, kickbacks, etc.) or crunches. Ain't nobody with two kids got time for that.
3. Includes all the major types of lift: squat, deadlift, horizontal pull, horizontal push, vertical pull, vertical push
4. Every lift has a big ab/stability component, which I desperately need.
5. Ab-specific exercises come after the warm-up but before lifting, which makes so much sense I can't even believe most people don't do it this way.
6. Multi-phasic (three phases) and repeatable. There's no reason not to finish phase three and go right back to phase 1 again with (presumably) heavier weight than the previous time through. Each phase is six to eight weeks long and alternates between two different workouts, which for me is a good balance between having enough routine that I know my form is where it needs to be, and not getting bored doing the same thing every time. (Except for deadlifts. I could deadlift every single day.)

So far I've been very happy with the program. I'm doing phase one through the end of the month. Each phase has two workouts, A and B, which one alternates, lifting three times a week.

I'm still finding my weight for a few exercises, most notable the Romanian deadlift. I'm increasing by ten pounds each time; I started with just the bar (45lbs.) and am up to 85lbs as of Friday. Wednesday I'll go for 95. I think the limiting factor on this will be my grip or my right shoulder, not my legs.

I don't feel like there's any point to recording weights until I've worked up to my best on every exercise, but I plan on posting my ending weights for this phase when I move on to the next.
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For the past two weeks I have been working out at the Y every day but Sunday. They have these small group training things, for free, that meet 3x a week. I'm doing Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 1030, and it's only myself and another woman who's about the same age. She's already lost 60 pounds of baby weight working with this trainer, Jason. I really feel like I lucked out with not having a million women in the group who have zero experience working out. When that's the case you end up standing aroud a lot, waiting your turn on a selectorized machine and not really getting much of a work out.

Jason is also really good with kick-your-ass interval training, and apparently gets bored easily. So Tuesdays we're in the pool, Thursdays outside, weather permitting, and in the gym Saturdays. He's also good enough to come up with some variations on things that my knee can't handle that are still just as hard, not just the standard "if you can't jog then walk" stuff, which lowers the intensity so much.

After this six week session is over I might sign up for the M/W/F as well. Jason teaches that one also, and I really like having a set time and set people to work with. I'm enough of a pleaser that the idea of letting down people who are waiting for me will get me up and out the door no matter how much my hamstrings hurt. And they have been hurting like a son of a bitch lately. Right now my schedule is 20/20/20 on Mondays (a Jason class that is 20 min nutso cardio, 20 min freewieghts, 20 minutes abs, and all incredibly hard), pool Tuesday, sculpting class and pilates on Wednesday (and we're not even going to talk about how bad the pilates is...the other week I got stuck halfway through some very complicated type of sit up), outside Thrusday, deep water aerobics Friday, and gym Saturday.

Katrina loves going to the Y because the 2+ old nursery has a preschool-like curriculum and she gets to do crafts and play circle games and sing Wheels on the Bus and ABCs. Apparently she tried to teach everyone Swinging on a Star, which must have been completely unintelligible if one didn't know what the song was. And they have a baby room with swings and bouncy seats and mobiles for Robbie. What I particularly like is that all but two of the people working there are women with their own children, so they actually have a clue. There's one college girl who's okay, and a college-age guy who is the idol of every toddler in the place. It's so nice to get two hours to myself without having to worry about the critters. Plus I get to shower alone, which is a thrill.

So far I haven't passed out, haven't thrown up, and only cried a little bit once and that was mostly because Robbie had never been away from me for a whole hour before and I was hormonal. My long term goal is to lose 65 lbs., my short term goal is to lose 10lbs. in six weeks, and my ongoing goal is to suck less every week. I like that goal. It's a challenge, I won't outgrow it anytime soon, and it reminds me not to get too serious about things. I keep reminding myself that three months ago I was still pregnant, whenever I feel pathetic or get angry with myself about how much weaker I am than I feel I should be.

Today was two weeks from my first workout back, and I'm down five pounds.


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