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Look at this dog:

This is Glencora. She's 11, has arthritis and a bad haircut, doesn't hear very well, and this morning fell over this hill.

You can only see about half of it in this picture. The vertical half. My Fitbit tells me the entire height of the ravine is equivalent to 15 storeys.

This is the ravine behind our house. All kinds of critters live down at the bottom, and they wander up the hill at night to see what's going on. So I can see why the dogs like to go check it out occasionally; I'm sure it smells wonderful. Cora wandered about 2 feet down from the top and couldn't figure out how to get back up. I figured I'd get a leash, walk down the game trail to her, and then help her get back up. Unfortunately, by the time I got back with the leash she had slid down about 8 feet further.

I managed to get the leash on her, but she either could not see the Gametrail I was walking on, or just couldn't get herself stabilized. And I may be dumb, but I'm not dumb enough to try to carry a 45 pound dog on the side of a ravine. So I basically had to wish her good luck and say I see her at the bottom. I figured that from that angle it would be much easier for me to climb up and then help her find a safe way down.

So I ran out of our neighborhood down the side of the hill and up the path that the Township uses for maintenance of the storm drains down there. By the time I did that she was already down there, looking around in circles trying to figure out where home was.

I have absolutely no idea how she managed to get down that 20 foot vertical drop in one piece. Absolutely no idea. I really thought that she was going to be either dead or have several broken limbs.

The little stinker even walked home with a decided prance and a very self-satisfied look on her face. I guess she's happy to have a story to tell.

So, thankfully, Cora came out of her adventure none the worse for wear. On the other hand, I don't think I will ever be the same.

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Got the exercise ball out today! Decided I am officially too pregnant to sit on couches that are too deep for me. They make my back hurt and I flounder like a beached whale to get up. (The couches are wonderful for Bruce, who is 6'4", and they fold out into very comfortable double futons, so I don't mind, but even stuffing three throw pillows behind my back isn't helping any more.) So I'm sitting at the desk typing on my big pink exercise ball. The critter seems to like it; he's been very active since I sat here.

Filled up my whole recycle can today, and about half my neighbor's. I don't like using cardboard in the wood stoves; it makes a ton of ash and isn't really that great for kindling because it seems to suck up all the moisture in the air. I'd much rather recycle it, but geez oh man did we have a lot of it after Christmas. So glad to have the pile gone, though Mr. Hudson has been giving me evil looks for getting rid of his impromptu kitty castle.

Glencora looks completely normal now, though she is still reluctant to have me fuss with her mouth. And no more seizures, which is a huge relief. Thanks everyone who sent such nice thoughts our way.

Grand total of only 1 accident from Katrina yesterday, and so far none today. And today I haven't even prompted her to try; she's doing it all on her own. Woo-hoo! Though she does insist on bringing the potty into the den to use it, rather than going in the bathroom. Probably because the den is almost 70 degrees while the bathroom is about 52. We're making plans to go out with Melissa and the girls tomorrow to test drive this whole continence thing.
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Mr. Hudson, evil kitten extraordinaire, has reached new heights of protectiveness. Since the baby came his quality time has been drastically reduced, but he's taken it pretty well. No temper tantrums or peeing in inappropriate places or anything. But if there isn't a human baby on my lap, there is a kitten baby there, and sometimes (if I'm very lucky) I get to have both of them on my lap while I nurse.

This afternoon Baby was napping in her bassinet, and Hudson was sitting with me on the couch. We have a double parlor, so he could see out the picture window onto the front yard. While we were sitting, the mail truck stopped out front.

The cat growled. At the mail truck. Which was about 40 feet away and outside.

While I understand he doesn't like to share me, I don't think the mail truck was trying to take away his snuggles.
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About a week and a half ago we went up to Charlottesville to spend a few days on the farm. We took Rawdon, but Glencora and Grace stayed with my in-laws. However, Gracie Lou Kendall Escape Collie, managed to get out and make a mad dash for home. Thankfully the police picked her up and put her in doggie jail, where my mother-in-law picked her up two hours later.

Now I think everyone has kennel cough. But I'm not quite sure. The incubation period is right (7-10 days) and Rawdon has made a few funny sounds this morning. All my sources say that bordatella is generally a dry cough though, and dry is one thing this is not.  Bruce has pointed out that Grace especially is all nose, so one can't be too surprised if she gets seasonal allergies.

So right now I'm waiting to see if Rawdon's cough gets worse, or if Glencora starts hacking too. Grace is getting lots of quiet time and chicken broth.  The problem is that if you pay too much attention to her, she gets all excited and starts coughing. I am currently trying to find the balance between not exciting her and giving her some extra love.

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The critters and I are having an at-home today.

We are, of course, receiving callers, but please only come if you do not require much entertainment. Pets are welcome as well.

A sort of collie lawn tennis, or possibly rugby, is taking place in the back garden, and many episodes of the Forsyte Saga (the first version, not the recent adaptation) are available for your viewing pleasure. Conversation is limited to how georgeous the weather is for November, how are the puppies doing at their new homes, and when am I going to start fixing up that dollhouse.

A low-stress day is indicated for all.

Hot or iced tea is available (I would recommend the Russian Caravan), or gin if one prefers (with tonic and lots of lime).  For lunch we have roast turkey breast, to be served in sandwich or platter form, or off the tiles if you are of the critter persuasion. The lawn is dry enough to sit in, though you probably will end up with a collie in your lap. The library is open, though not very well-organized, and some sort of commentary is available on most volumes.

And because it is a warm, sunny, fuzzy sort of day, here is a warm fuzzy baby collie picture:

That's Gracie with the puppies back in July.  She had nine, and they are all (finally) at their new homes.

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Just using a moment of greater-than-usual boredom to take lj for a little test drive. I'm not sure why I thought this desk job would be a good idea. Granted, after a certain time in retail management, many inadvisable things start to sound like a good idea.

Hello to everyone from the Bujold list, since you all were the main impetus for me starting a live journal.

I'm so entertained by the little emotion-kittens. I picked the gray ones because they remind me of Hudson, evil kitten extrordinaire (who was named after the butler on Upstairs, Downstairs). He's my beanie baby, or maybe my cat-blanket, but without all the complicated genetic engineering. Plus he probably wouldn't microwave well.


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