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Today is the complete opposite of yesterday: cold, wet and generally unpleasant. So I have settled in with yet more episodes of The Forsyte Saga, some red grapes and a truly yummy Havarti, to start refurbishing my dollhouse.

My grandfather built it for me before he died...I must have gotten it Christmas '85 or maybe '86.  I think '85 though, as I have furniture my father built dated 1986. He made it from scratch from a set of plans, not from a kit, and all the shingles were cut out and glued one at a time.

Now, I repainted it when I ws ten, so please forgive the color scheme:

Here is a picture of the inside as it looks now:

The funny stripes across the floors and along the walls are copper tapes for electric. It runs through the house in one big circuit, and can be papered or painted over without compromising the effectiveness. In the fifteen years since Dad installed the tapes, there is even an option now to put itty bitty permanent plugs in, so that you can change lamps and such without poking a bunch of holes in the wallpaper.

The top left room is a bedroom or nursery that currently has no decorating or lights. The hall is the top middle, and is papered. I don't know if there is wiring underneath, but there are ways to check. The main bedroom is on the top right. It is papered and I think wired. The door in the hall goes to a little bathroom, but there's really no way to access it.

THe kitchen is bottom left, with a hanging light but no decorating. The dining room is center: papered, wired and with a chandelier. The living room is wired and has a wood floor with boards drawn on by my grandfather.

The opening panels are also wired. The right one has tapes for a lamppost and carriage lights. The left has two deep bay windows, which I'm thinking might make nice little room vignettes. Maybe a sewing room upstairs and a formal hall or foyer downstairs.

More to come as I update!


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