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Had a very productive day yesterday. Dropped Katrina off at school. Did returns at Old Navy, found a gray fleece hat for Robs, shopped at Aldi and costco, picked Katrina up, went to the Y and lifted, dropped groceries at mom's, dropped groceries at dad's, and home by 2 for Robs' nap.

Put Robs down, and Kat and I brought the groceries in and put them all away. Then I taught Katrina to use the veggie peeler and we finished making the chicken soup. I sewed the shirt for her Astrid costume and made the beef stroganoff. My reading for liturgy this Sunday came in the mail, so i took sone time to mark that up. When Robs got up we went outside and Katrina and I took turns with the leaf blower. We got the upper level of the back yard done. Then inside for dinner (chicken soup) and baths and bed.

Bruce got home right after that so he and I had the stroganoff for supper, then he went to bed and I did some laundry, watched an episode of Bones, and took a magnesium bath. Everyone was in bed by ten.

Today mom is picking Katrina up from school and keeping her overnight, and Bruce is off from work (so far). My big things today are taking dad some food, chiropractor appt at 11, and I want to finish the leaf blowing because it's supposed to rain tomorrow. I'll have to do it again in a few weeks in any case, but I'd rather not have an extra layer of wet moldy leaves under there when I do.

Oh, and the halloween costumes. Might want to get those done soon.

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So (sew), having asked everyone to help me come up with a name for my cottage industry, I figured I had better share pictures as well.

I have Katrina's owl hat and wings completed, though I'm undecided whether to make feathery legs or not:
The wings are fleece with felt feathers, and the hat is fleece as well. The yoke velcroes in front and attached to the wrist with elastic.

Next we have Peter Pan, including some custom shoe covers that I just love, even though I made them myself.
I love the hat too.

Finally we have Tinkerbell the dog. The collar threads through the top of the costume, and the tutu sits at the waist. The tutu is green tulle and metallic green mesh on elastic, the base is fleece, and the wings are wire armature covered with the metallic mesh. It's to fit a beagle.


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