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Had a very productive day yesterday. Dropped Katrina off at school. Did returns at Old Navy, found a gray fleece hat for Robs, shopped at Aldi and costco, picked Katrina up, went to the Y and lifted, dropped groceries at mom's, dropped groceries at dad's, and home by 2 for Robs' nap.

Put Robs down, and Kat and I brought the groceries in and put them all away. Then I taught Katrina to use the veggie peeler and we finished making the chicken soup. I sewed the shirt for her Astrid costume and made the beef stroganoff. My reading for liturgy this Sunday came in the mail, so i took sone time to mark that up. When Robs got up we went outside and Katrina and I took turns with the leaf blower. We got the upper level of the back yard done. Then inside for dinner (chicken soup) and baths and bed.

Bruce got home right after that so he and I had the stroganoff for supper, then he went to bed and I did some laundry, watched an episode of Bones, and took a magnesium bath. Everyone was in bed by ten.

Today mom is picking Katrina up from school and keeping her overnight, and Bruce is off from work (so far). My big things today are taking dad some food, chiropractor appt at 11, and I want to finish the leaf blowing because it's supposed to rain tomorrow. I'll have to do it again in a few weeks in any case, but I'd rather not have an extra layer of wet moldy leaves under there when I do.

Oh, and the halloween costumes. Might want to get those done soon.

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Katrina has her first Ukrainian folk dance class tomorrow! I am super excited!

Lisa from church (who is fabulous and has six kids, all of whom are equally fabulous, and a husband I kind of assume is fabulous by sheer proximity since I don't think I've ever actually spoken to him) mentioned this place in Carnegie to me. Her kids all go/have gone there, and they start classes at four years old.

Kat went to gymnastics and dance last spring at the local place I danced at years ago. I was really underwhelmed at the current state of things. There was way too much ballet being taught for children that young. Three and four year-olds are incapable of having proper technique, and teaching ballet without technique is bad no matter one's age. I realize this seems like an extreme position, but good technique is good technique for a reason: it limits the possibility of you maiming yourself. And with joints like mine that is always a primary concern.

When I taught there, kids that little did "creative movement" and learned their left from their right, and how to move different body parts in isolation or together, and how to hop and skip and blahblahblah. Much more developmentally appropriate.

And the woman who taught Katrina's classes is someone I know from the old days, and I didn't like her then and really didn't like her attitude at all now. At least pretend to be having fun when you're teaching little kids something you want them to think is fun.

So Katrina will be doing gymnastics at the YMCA, and taking folk dance at Kyiv. An additional plus is that dance is Mondays and gymnastics is Saturdays, rather than being back to back.
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I have had a good day.

Tuesday night was not so good. I woke up about 2 am sick as a dog. Nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, aches, the whole deal. Thankfully Robbie slept until 5am, which saved me from having to nurse while actively being sick. I called Bruce at work around 330 to whine, but forgot to ask for Sprite and Lipton soup. So poor guy had to go out for drinks when he got home at 8am.

Anyway,spent the day being miserable, sweating, shivering, nursing, putting on Sesame Streets for Katrina, napping when they napped, and reading Georgette Heyer. I also watched Peggy Sue Got Married, because for some reason I always watch that when I get sick. Bruce, of course, got the option to pick up a shift and was gone again by 130pm.

I managed to sleep last night, and only had to nurse once overnight at 4am. Then at 7am I brought Robbie into bed to nurse and doze since Bruce had fallen asleep on the couch watching Netflix. Bruce, being wonderful, got Katrina up and dressed and etc. and I slept until 830! Then he took her to Wawa for special Daddy breakfast treat and I had more soup.

I was dithering about going to work out, and decided that since I actually felt fantastic it was stupid not to. I have no idea what the 24-hour magic flu was about, but it's gonzo. So I went to the Y and worked out outside today. We did 2.5 miles at the park with frequent stops for squats and pushups.

(I went back to the Y last Tuesday and managed to get in a free small-group training thing they run sometimes. My group is me and one other woman and Jason the trainer, who is kickass. We're meeting 3x a week: Tuesday in the pool, Thursday outside, and Saturday in the gym. So far I'm sore but uninjured, which with my joints is an achievement, and I'm down three pounds. Woo-hoo!)

Then I picked up the critters, nursed Robbie, and we were off. I hit Pier One and Target for Easter basket things for next year. Target has great stuff, all 70% off. I got bunny socks, seasonal chapsticks, stickers, egg dyeing kits, and other bits and bobs. Katrina also got a pair of little white gloves for 30 cents. She's been wearing socks on her hands pretending to be like CInderella, so this seemed like a cheap thrill. So she gets them on and I say something to the effect of "You have gloves like Cinderella now." And she says "No, mummy. Like Goblin King."

That's right. Ladies and gentlemen, my three year-old daughter wants to grow up to be David Bowie.

Then we came home, critters went down for nap, and I went into overdrive. Four loads of laundry, butter chicken for supper, put all the pewter Dad gave me on my trip home up in a display on the built-in shelves in the dining room, unpacked three bags of random stuff I found in the coat closet (no clue where it came from), took my shower, ran and unpacked the dishwasher, and cleaned the kitchen. Mom called at some point, and asked if I was on my pain meds, I sounded so hyped up.

Just when great day is going great, the doorbell rings. My mother-in-law has sent her yard guys to unearth the back yard!!! I am so excited! Bruce does his best, but his schedule is crazy and he really doesn't like yard work. So I have minions to do my bidding and get that mess cleaned up.

I actually had to wake both of the kids up from their naps, which is unusual, but par for the day. Then Kat and I had butter chicken and peas and rice fro supper, and strawberries for dessert, and she watched a Sesame Street and had a bath and went to bed. Then Bruce woke up, and I nursed Robbie down, and now Bruce and I are watching Top Gear and I am, wonder of wonders, updating my lj.

sigh. Very good day. I would like to order the same for tomorrow.
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Got the exercise ball out today! Decided I am officially too pregnant to sit on couches that are too deep for me. They make my back hurt and I flounder like a beached whale to get up. (The couches are wonderful for Bruce, who is 6'4", and they fold out into very comfortable double futons, so I don't mind, but even stuffing three throw pillows behind my back isn't helping any more.) So I'm sitting at the desk typing on my big pink exercise ball. The critter seems to like it; he's been very active since I sat here.

Filled up my whole recycle can today, and about half my neighbor's. I don't like using cardboard in the wood stoves; it makes a ton of ash and isn't really that great for kindling because it seems to suck up all the moisture in the air. I'd much rather recycle it, but geez oh man did we have a lot of it after Christmas. So glad to have the pile gone, though Mr. Hudson has been giving me evil looks for getting rid of his impromptu kitty castle.

Glencora looks completely normal now, though she is still reluctant to have me fuss with her mouth. And no more seizures, which is a huge relief. Thanks everyone who sent such nice thoughts our way.

Grand total of only 1 accident from Katrina yesterday, and so far none today. And today I haven't even prompted her to try; she's doing it all on her own. Woo-hoo! Though she does insist on bringing the potty into the den to use it, rather than going in the bathroom. Probably because the den is almost 70 degrees while the bathroom is about 52. We're making plans to go out with Melissa and the girls tomorrow to test drive this whole continence thing.
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Much better day today with potty training. I think something clicked somewhere, and I know I'm handling things in a Katrina-acceptable way now.

Instead of asking "do you have to go to the potty" (the answer is ALWAYS no), I've started asking if her undies are still dry. Then she gets a high five for keeping her big girl pants dry, but it still serves as a reminder. The other thing is, instead of insisting that she give it a try when I see the potty dance going on, to say "It looks like your body is trying to tell you you need to pee". Then it's not about me and what I want her to do. Small things, but it seems to make a difference.

Today she only had one accident, two attempts, and five successes. We actually left the house today too; once to go to the chiropractor (my hips were so off the baby flipped breech last night...thankfully he went vertex again after things were untwisted) and once to spend half and hour with the next door neighbors. I may actually get what passes for my life back in the next week!

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the parents I have ever known. At some point I have probably thought you were a bit weird to be so obssessed with your offsprings' elimination habits. I now understand. No matter how one goes about toilet training a child, at some time one will hit the point where for three days to a week pottying really is your first priority.


Oct. 14th, 2011 02:56 pm
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The proofs are up from the session I took last week with mom and Katrina. If anyone's interested, go to  and type nicola for the session ID.

Ritchie does amazing work, especially with a fidgety 2 y.o. The proofs aren't touched up or anything, so puffy pregnant face is pretty darn puffy, but mom and kat look beautiful!
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Put Katrina down at 2, not so much for a nap as for mommy mental health break. Sometimes she sleeps and sometimes she reads to her cast of thousands that share the crib. Well, today we have upped the ante. Instead of talking to the animals she is singing to them.

It's mostly more of a recitative, close pitches and quickly paced, and occassionally veering off into some big Romantic-style aria. And it's all normal, conversational words, which is why I'm finding it so entertaining. "Oh Bunny, you fell OOOOOO-o-o-ver! Are you okay NOOOOW? I pick you up and you be happy." Or "Dwagon, you CAAAAAAAAAnot fly in da bed. You fall down, huuuurt your wiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!"

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Catching up on baby pictures, one month at a time.

January 6. About two minutes old, and not a happy camper. Born at 5:11pm, 7lbs., 3oz. and 19 1/2 inches.

A little later, washed and giftwrapped.

January 11. Finally at home. Notice how nicely the jaundiced complexion coordinates with the yellow bunny rabbit outfit ;-)

January 13. Kitkat and me, both very tired.

Looking at thesenow, it's amazing how different she is. She's just more interesting every day, and I'm enjoying her a lot more now that she interacts and responds so much. It also helps that she's sleeping more than 2 hours at a time! I do miss those tiny, skinny little newborn hands, though. They pudged out awfully quick.
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Katrina was three months yesterday! Details and pics... )x-posted to [ profile] breastfeeding 
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When people say that babies change from day to day, they aren't lying. I put a newborn to sleep last night at 930. At 630 this morning (!!!!!!!) I woke up to a baby who apparently decided that she's 12 weeks old and it's time to start acting her age. It's like I have a different kid! We have kick-ass head control, partial hand control, the ability to tell where sounds are coming from and to look for what's making them, and an understanding of basic conversation. She's got the "I talk, then you talk, then I talk" down, and is very pleased with herself.

She also no longer fits in newborn size clothes at all, is starting to outgrow some 0-3 month things, smiles like a mad critter, and has huge hands. At least compared to 12 weeks ago. To quote Bruce, she gets "more like a real person" everyday.

There would be pictures, but I managed to misplace the camera while cleaning last week. Then I cried about it. A lot. *sigh*
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Hooray for nice weather! Today was in the low 70s and sunny for the first time in what seems like forever. And Chelyse, who really is a better friend than I deserve (she's pretty much better than anyone deserves, really), picked me and Kitkat up with her boys and an extra car seat and we went out this afternoon.

Lunch a Doumar's (yum), which was completely packed. It took way too long to get our food, but everyone was surprisingly patient. Joseph had his bottle and Joshua had a snack, and I nursed while we were waiting. I had a Limeaid for the first time since the Williamsburg Drug Store closed, about seven years ago. It was less fizzy than the ones Miss Patty used to get me when we worked at the quilt store on weekends, but still a very nice treat.

Then off to the botanical gardens, where we got this picture of me wearing a very sleepy Katrina in the Japanese garden.

We walked around for almost three hours, which isn't quite as impressive as it sounds since we were at toddler speed for some of it, and I had to stop and nurse twice. But great exercise, great company, and great weather!

I'm thinking about getting a membership for the Botanical Gardens. We only live about ten minutes away, and there's all sorts of walking paths and things to see. If you go five times in a year it pays for itself, so it might be a good move.


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