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Yesterday we went to the doctor to get an NT screening. The idea is that by measuring the back of the baby's neck between 11 and 13 weeks, plus a blood test, the lab can give odds on this particular baby having Downs Syndrome. The Muffin was no cooperating, but we did get a full 15 minutes of watching it jump around. There was waving, kicking, spinning, hiccups, finger sucking and tongue sticking-out. It was a lot of fun, except that I now have one giant bruise where my left ovary used to be.

Dad and I had a conversation several weeks ago that basically revolved around "Are you sure it's not a puppy?" All embyoes look the same, whether they're lizard, pig, or human, and my father refused to get excited until I could tell him which species I was carrying. Well, the muffin already looks human in profile, and has the expected number of fingers and limbs. But here is the little critter face-on as of yesterday:

Now, I'm not given to wild theories, but this ultrasound, plus my pregnancy blackouts, plus watching 4 seasons of X-Files in a row has me thinking. I regularly lose time and wake up with upholestery marks on my face and no idea how I got there, which we all know is a prime indication of alien abduction. I'm thinking that I should ask them to wand me very carefully at the airport tomorrow...there may be a chip somewhere I haven't found. Probably somewhere in my chest; it's all bumpity lately and I think the whole "it's just the hormones" thing is a government cover-up.

Having come to this conclusion, I do what any sensible woman does: I called my Daddy. I told him that the baby was human. Well, humanoid. It might very well be an alien.

"Huh," he says. "Reptilian or insectoid?"


"Good. I'm open-minded but no grandkid of mine is going to have compound eyes." Pause. "So, what is it?"

"Like male or female you mean?"

"No. Like what is it."

"Can't tell yet, Dad. I'm hoping for a Predator."

"Ooh, that would be great...I could take it hunting!"

What would we do during these stressful and life-changing times without our families? I love my Dad so much.

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Jul. 4th, 2008 09:46 am
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Happy week all around!

Tuesday I woke up feeling really good. Like normal human being, not sick crazy pregnant woman good. So, naturally, I panic. Last time I started feeling really good at the beginning of the second trimester it was because the baby died. So I call the doctor, call Bruce's mother (I'm still carless and can't even call Bruce at work) and then sit around waiting for my 245 appointment.

Anyway, super Nurse Practitioner Jennifer, who is a sweetie, comes in basically saying "no time for small talk, we need to look at this baby". Ultrasound shows what is recognizably a human baby with a great heartbeat! Then, apparently annoyed by the pressure from the ultrasound, baby starts jumping, kicking, and waving. We spent almost five minutes just watching it bounce around.

I'm very glad Bruce's mom got to see her grandbaby. She's been very anxious this time miscarriage last winter brought back a lot of awful memories for her about her miscarriages and baby Josiah, who died of SIDS before Bruce was born. We bonded, and it was really nice. The best part is that I don't feel anxious any more. I actually feel like this is really going to happen. The baby's placenta is on-line and doing what it's supposed to do, which is what the issue seems to have been last time. Plus the fact that I don't feel horrible all the time. Still a bit nauseated off and on, and lightheaded, but it's not like the perma-flu feeling of the past two months.

Then Wednesday was our 3rd wedding anniverary and Bruce actually had the day off. So we went to Bravo for lunch, where we just happened to run into his mother, aunt, and Mumsie. Bruce hadn't even known his grandmother was alread moved up from Georgia. So it was a very nice time. Then we played in the Honeytree, which is a very fancy children's clothing store next to the restaurant. Bruce is so convinced the baby is a girl that he bought a little bathing suit for her. It's light blue with yellow polkadots, and a little ruffle around the bottom. Appliqued on the front is a big yellow ducky with a pink butterfly on its nose. There's also a little pink butterfly on the ruffle on the back. It's the cutest thing ever, and now the baby's almost sure to be a boy.   ;-)

After the ducky suit, Bruce wanted to go out to Chesapeake and take a look at the Babies'r'Us store. (Apparently I'm not the only one who now feels it's safe to get excited.) I was amazed at his capacity for stroller shopping. I ended up buying a protein bar and taking a nap in a rocking chair.

Just a nice few days in general. Yay!

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...and I am the universe's bitch, I HAVE SHINGLES!

Fricking shingles. 26 and pregnant, with shingles. It's funny, but unfortunately no one is lying when they say shingles is "extremely painful". Incidentally, why does everyone use those two words to describe it? Always the same ones..."extremely painful".

On the plus side, I think my perinatologist now has considerable respect for my pain tolerance. I was talking to him on the phone last night trying to convince him that I understand the difference between discomfort and pain. Dealing with pregnancy-crazed women all the time, I don't think he believed me. Said it was probably an allergic reaction. This morning at the office he had about five people troop in to look at me and my textbook case of shingles. I felt like a guest star on House. The doctor used the magic words "extremely painful" and I got an appraising look that seemed pretty favorable. Hopefully my concept of pain will not be in question in the future.

I am trying to figure out how what looks like a rash can do absolutely everything EXCEPT itch. It burns, it has shooting pain, it radiates, it feels hot and infected, and it feels creepily like little tiny kittens are crawling up the inside of my skin using all their claws. The clawing feeling is the oddest, and hurts the most.

So now I am racking up brave little toaster points while I wait for this anti-viral to do something. I can't take any pain meds because of the little critter, but thankfully the shingles doesn't put it at risk at all. Apparently shingles is mainly a nerve thing, and there is no new infection in my blood, just the old chicken pox immunity.

Still, what the hell? Bruce went on at unflattering length about how this is just like me. Not only do I get every complication one could possibly expect, but then I get the absolute last thing you'd ever think I would get given my age, health, and condition.

Bruce's mom has gotten shingles fairly regularly ever since she had all that chemo four years ago. I told my mother-in-law I got them so I could be more like her. We both found that way too funny.


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